California-nursing-licenses HRSA nursing workforce projections predict a significant shortage for California.By 2030, California will have 253,400 nurses in the state.However, the need for CA nurses will be 269,300, leaving the state with an overall 


  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Telemetry
  • Operating Room
  • Med/Surg
  • Emergency
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Progressive Care

Past work numbers, California is likewise a positive spot to live with areas of strength for a. Whether you need to get comfortable lovely wine country or the radiant Southern California shore, there are many profoundly sought after regions to call home.


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Intensive Care Unit




Operating Room

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Progressive Care

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Buy California Nursing Licenses Becoming a Registered Nurse is a solid career choice when it comes to job security, salary potential, and fulfillment. For nurses who plan to work in California, the rewards and opportunities are even more promising.

Current Degree

  • ADN (RN)
  • BSN (RN)
  • MSN (RN)

PART ONE Why Work In California?

Buy California Nursing Licenses California tops the nation when it comes to RN salaries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports registered nurses earning an average median salary of $106,950 in the Golden State. California also employs the most RNs in the nation, with over 250,000 nurses working in the state.In fact, over 70,000 RNs work in just the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale metropolitan area.The other thing that separates nursing position in California is its exceptional medical attendant to-patient proportion regulation. It orders that there must be a base proportion of one medical attendant for each five patients (1:5), and inside Escalated Care Units, the proportion is one to two (1:2). This guarantees that medical attendants are not overpowered and exhausted, and at last further develops patient consideration results.Thinking of becoming a Registered Nurse in California? Read on to find out more about what it’s all about.







PART TWO Demand And Outlook

Buy California Nursing Licenses California is facing a nursing shortage more severe than any other state, making it more vital than ever that a new generation of RNs step in to fill this need.According to one , California has just delivered 50% of the medical attendants it needs over the most recent few decades. This is only one reason interest for medical caretakers is so high in California. Bosses are giving their best for draw in and hold nursing ability in the state.One of the drivers behind this incredible demand is the state’s robust Medicaid program called Medi-Cal. With north of 13 million enrollees, it’s a general medical coverage program for low-pay people including families, Purchase California Nursing Licenses youngsters, seniors, people with incapacities, child care, and those with explicit illnesses like tuberculosis, bosom disease, or HIV/Helps.

PART THREE Salary & Benefits

California reliably positions as the most lucrative state in the country for attendants. Notwithstanding a hearty state Medicaid program, the brilliant state likewise has a compulsory staffing proportion which powers numerous emergency clinics to use the administrations of movement medical attendants to fill their nursing programs.

Salary Structure

Most staff medical caretakers who work all day procure a time-based compensation with an advantages bundle. These rates change by clinic, experience level, and claim to fame. Numerous emergency clinics in California are unionized so these rates may not be debatable.Beyond the strong salaries of RNs in California, there is usually the opportunity to also earn overtime pay. 

Work Schedules

In 2014, about 1 out of 6 registered nurses worked part-time. According to the , 60% of RNs worked in hospitals, with smaller percentages working at physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, and nursing care facilities, and for government agencies.Nurses on staff in hospitals and even nursing homes usually work in shifts, since 24 hours of care needs to be covered. Therefore, RNs usually have to work some nights, weekends, and holidays. Typical shifts are 12 hours long and nurses work 3 – 4 days a week.For those looking for all day type hours, RNs who work for clinical workplaces, schools, and daytime facilities offer more customary work hours.Albeit the middle compensation for RNs in California is as of now high, medical attendants who give specific consideration, work in cutting edge units, or who take on administrative positions can possibly procure considerably more.The requirement for RNs is areas of strength for especially for the accompanying urban communities and mirror the most significant compensations for enrolled medical attendants in the whole country:


To the extent that advantages, full-time RNs quite often get basically taken care of time and health care coverage – 96% of respondents in the study above said they got both. Extra advantages that may be accessible to RNs incorporate instructive repayment (67%); proficient society participation duty (14%); and paid parental leave (20%).Indeed, even subsequent to adapting to the typical cost for many everyday items, which is moderately high, California actually has all the earmarks of being the state where a medical caretaker’s compensation will go the farthest. See a full positioning of all