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Welcome to our collection of low-cost Rn-pn-Nclex practice questions to help you achieve success on your Rn-pn exam! This updated guide for 2022 includes 1,000+ practice questions, a primer on the NCLEX-RN exam, frequently asked questions about the NCLEX, question types, the Rn-pn test plan, and test-taking tips and strategies.

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1. Applicant contacts us online from our official website indicating interest for an         RN or PN certificate / License, while leaving behind contact details.

2. We send a form for the applicant to print out and fill with a pen, returning it via email with an attachment of his/her identification certificate. ( front and back)

3. We receive the filled form from the applicant and forward it right away to our review team and wait for a review report.

4. If the review team confirms that the form is well filled out, we then request applicant to make a down payment of 50% the total cost of the project at hand as payments can only be accepted if review team confirms that every information requested is provided clearly.

5. Once payment is confirmed, the forms are then forwarded to the database personnel who are responsible for registering the details and doing manual verifications of all Rn-pn online examination scores and confirmation of pass rates. They will have to register all details of the applicant correctly but pass on the applicants details to the documentation center where the certificate is printed out. a soft copy of the RN or PN Certificate is then sent back to the review team for another review before the complete registration is done on the system. 

6. Once the review Team receives the soft copy of the certificate and finds that everything is correctly done, they will now notify us to ask the applicant to complete the other part of the payment before they can get back to the database personnel with confirmation that everything is okay. Note that once the review team confirms back to the database management team that everything is okay, they will have to finalize the registration by making valid the CERTIFICATE NUMBER AND THE LICENSE NUMBER FOUND ON THE CERTIFICATES. and once this is done,       – the applicant has equal right with a student who actually sat and passed the exams to contact the NCSBN for any concerns and the applicant will be fully attained to.      – The applicant can use his or her license number or name to verify online and confirm background details about his certificate.

7.  The Applicant waits for the hard copy of his/her certificate to be shipped and delivered to his/her address for use wherever need be.


NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Test Bank

We have included more than 1,000+ NCLEX practice questions covering different nursing topics for this nursing test bank! We’ve made a significant effort to provide you with the most challenging questions along with insightful rationales for each question to reinforce learning.

We recommend you do all practice questions before you take the actual exam. Doing so will help reduce your test anxiety and help identify nursing topics you need to review. To make the most of the practice exams, try to minimize mistakes to less than 15 questions and take your time answering the questions, especially when reading the rationales.

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Included NCLEX-RN question sets for this nursing test bank are as follows:

  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 1 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 2 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 3 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 4 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 5 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 6 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 7 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 8 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 9 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 10 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 11 (75 Questions)
  • Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Questions | Set 12 (75 Questions)
  • More practice questions available at our Nursing Test Bank.

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FULL-TEXT Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz Test Bank (900 Questions)


  • Read and understand each question before choosing the best answer. 
  • Since this is a survey, answers and reasonings are displayed after you click on the “Check” button.
  • There is no time limit, answer the inquiries at your own speed.
  • When all questions are responded to, you’ll be provoked to tap the “Test Outline” button where you’ll be shown the inquiries you’ve addressed or set under “Audit”. Click on the “Finish Test” button to show your rating.
  • After the test, if it’s not too much trouble, make a point to peruse the inquiries and reasonings again by click on the “View Questions” button.
  • Remark us your considerations, scores, evaluations, and inquiries concerning the test in the remarks segment beneath!

1. NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Set 1 (75 Questions)

NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Set 1 (75 Inquiries)

This is the primary arrangement of 75 inquiries for your NCLEX-RN practice

  1.  Current
  2.  Review
  3.  Answered
  1. 1QuestionWhile assessing a one-month-old infant, which of the findings warrants further investigation by the nurse? Select all that apply.
  • A. Abdominal respirations
  •  B. Irregular breathing rate
  •  C. Inspiratory grunt
  •  D. Increased heart rate with crying
  •  E. Nasal flaring
  •  F. Cyanosis
  •  G. Asymmetric chest movement

2. 2QuestionA nurse is to administer meperidine hydrochloride (Demerol) 100 mg, atropine sulfate (Atropisol) 0.4 mg, and promethazine hydrochloride (Phenergan) 50 mg IM to a preoperative client.List the order in which the nurse must carry out the following actions prior to the administration of preoperative medications.

  • Instruct the client to remain in bed
  • Raise the side rails on the bed
  • Place the call bell within reach
  • Have the client empty bladder


What is NCLEX?

NCLEX stands for National Council Licensing Examination. It is a test to determine if the candidate possesses the minimum level of knowledge necessary to perform safe and effective entry-level nursing care. The NCLEX-RN (for registered nurses) and the NCLEX-PN (for practical/vocational nurses) are examinations prepared by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), whose mandate is to protect the public from unsafe nursing care. The NCSBN members include nursing regulatory bodies in the 50 states of the US, the District of Columbia, and four US territories. 

How to Register for the NCLEX?

So you’ve at long last chosen to take the NCLEX, the following stage is enlistment or application for the test. Coming up next are the means on the most proficient method to enlist for the NCLEX, including a few hints:

  1. Application to the Nursing Regulatory Board (NRB).The underlying move toward the enrollment cycle is to present your application to the state leading body of nursing in the state in which you plan to get licensure. Ask with your leading group of nursing seeing the particular enlistment process as prerequisites might fluctuate from one state to another.
  2. Registration with Pearson VUE.Whenever you have gotten the affirmation from the leading group of nursing that you have met all of their state prerequisites, continue, register, and pay the expense to take the NCLEX withPearson VUE. Follow the registration instructions and complete the forms precisely and accurately.
  3. Authorization to Test.Assuming you were made qualified by the licensure board, you will get an Approval to Test (ATT) structure from Pearson VUE. You should test inside the legitimacy dates (a normal of 90 days) on the ATT. There are no augmentations or you’ll need to enlist and pay the expense once more. Your ATT contains basic data like your test approval number, legitimacy date, and competitor ID number.
  4. Schedule your Exam Appointment.The next step is to schedule a testing date, time, and location at Pearson VUE. The NCLEX will take place at a testing center, you can make a test arrangement on the web or by phone. You will get an affirmation through email of your meeting with the date and time you pick including the headings to the testing place.Changing Your Exam Appointment. You can change your appointment to test via Pearson VUE or by calling the candidate services. Rules for scheduling, rescheduling, and unscheduling are explained further here. Failing to arrive for the examination or failure to cancel your appointment to test without providing notice will forfeit your examination fee and you’ll have to register and pay again. 
  5. On Exam Day.Arrive at the testing center on your exam appointment date at least 30 minutes before the schedule. You must have your ATT and acceptable identification (driver’s license, passport, etc) that is valid, not expired, and contains your photo and signature.
  6. Processing Results.You will receive your official results from the board of nursing after six weeks.

Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

Like most standardized tests today, the NCLEX is administered by a computer. The NCLEX uses a computer adaptive test (CAT), which reacts to your answers to determine your competence level. The selection of questions is based on the NCLEX-RN test plan and by the level of item difficulty. Each time you answer an inquiry, the PC reconsiders your capacity in view of the relative multitude of past responses and the trouble of those test things. Your most memorable inquiry is moderately simple; on the off chance that you chose a right response, the PC supplies you with a more troublesome inquiry from its inquiry bank. Assuming you have chosen an inaccurate response, the PC gives you a simpler inquiry. This interaction go on all through the assessment until the test plan necessities are met, and the PC can decide your degree of capability. NoticesAdditionally, there is no option to skip a question, you must answer it, or the test will not move on. You cannot go back and review previous questions and change answers.

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Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)